LMS-1 Lunar Mare Simulant

LMS-1 Lunar Mare Simulant

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Developed By: University of Central Florida
Available From: CLASS Exolith Lab

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The LMS-1 Lunar Mare Simulant has been developed by the CLASS Exolith Lab. It is a high-fidelity, mineral-based simulant appropriate for a generic or average mare location on the Moon. The simulant is not made of a single terrestrial lithology, but accurately captures the texture of lunar regolith by combining both mineral and rock fragments (i.e., polymineralic grains) in accurate proportions.

The particle size distribution of the simulant is targeted to match that of typical Apollo soils. Currently we do not simulate agglutinates or nanophase iron, and it has not been demonstrated that doing so is necessary to capture the major properties of lunar regolith with simulants.

Bulk Chemistry

Oxide Wt%
SiO2 40.2
Al2O3 14
CaO 9.8
Fe2O3 13.9
K2O 0.6
MgO 12
MnO 0.3
P2O5 1
TiO2 7.3
Cl 0.4
Cr2O3 0.3
NiO 0.2
SrO 0.1
Total 100



Photo Credit: Matthew Villegas, Exolith Lab