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Educational Resources

At the Exolith Lab, we are committed to expanding access to space science through STEAM education.

We believe that students of any age can learn from and contribute to the space industry.

Here are a few resources to help you and your students utilize regolith simulants for education.

Plant Growth

Plant growth is one of the best ways for students to get involved in their very own space research!

Our Astrobiology Kit offers many of the materials that you will need to get started with plant growth. You can also design you own experiment and order just our Simplified Lunar Highlands regolith (LHS-1E).


We give presentations at events, and love to visit and speak with students in our community!

We also offer discounts to individual educators and educational programs using our simulants.

If you are interested in a presentation or educator discount, please reach out!


We have been working with awesome partners in education to further our impact within the community both locally and internationally.

A few of these partners include:

  • Plant the Moon Challenge
  • DoD STARBASE Central Florida
  • The National Center for Simulation
  • Florida Space Grant Consortium
  • The Orlando Science Center
  • MOAS Daytona
  • Many more!

If you would like to partner with Exolith on any educational projects please contact us!

Learn About The Moon with Lunar Dust STEM KitGrow Plants in Moon Dust STEM Kit!Learn about Mars with Martian Dust STEM KitLunar Simulant for Educators (LHS-1E)Grow Plants in Moon Dust Kit Refill

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