LHS-1-25A Lunar Highlands Agglutinated Simulant

LHS-1-25A Lunar Highlands Agglutinated Simulant

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1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds

All Exolith Lab products are intended for research and STEM education purposes. By purchasing, you agree that the product will be used for research and STEM education purposes.

Developed By: University of Central Florida
Available From: CLASS Exolith Lab

Spec Sheet

The LHS-1-25A Lunar Highlands 25% Agglutinated Simulant has been developed by the CLASS Exolith Lab. It is a high-fidelity, mineral-based simulant appropriate for a generic or average highlands location on the Moon with an intermediate regolith maturity. The simulant consists of 75% LHS-1 Lunar Highlands Simulant and 25%  Anorthosite Agglutinates, by weight. The addition of agglutinates increases fidelity of LHS-1 in terms of glass composition, magnetic properties, and mechanical properties.


Component Wt.%
Anorthosite 80.6
Glass-Rich basalt 18.5
Ilmenite 0.3
Iron 0.3
Pyroxene 0.2
Olivine 0.1



Photo Credit: Emma Torregrosa, Exolith Lab