Martian Simulant Jars
Martian Simulant Jars
Martian Simulant Jars
Martian Simulant Jars
Martian Simulant Jars

Martian Simulant Jars

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Show off your love for space dirt with these collectible simulant jars!

Mars Global Simulant (MGS-1) is a mineralogical standard for basaltic soils on Mars, developed based on quantitative mineralogy from the MSL Curiosity rover. It is designed to replicate the Rocknest windblown soil, that is chemically similar to other basaltic soils at disparate landing sites and thus constitutes a “global” basaltic soil composition. MGS-1 is made by sourcing individual minerals, including a proper treatment of the X-ray amorphous component. This is in contrast to previous Mars simulants that were usually sourced from a single terrestrial deposit (basalt or palagonite).

Modified versions include MGS-1S Sulfate ISRU and MGS-1C Clay ISRU, specifically designed for water extraction applications. The root MGS-1 simulant is appropriate to test water extraction from bulk regolith.

The Jezero Delta Simulant (JEZ-1) was made to simulate anticipated materials in the Jezero Crater deltas that will be investigated by the NASA Mars 2020 rover. The simulant is a mixture of MGS-1 mineralogy with smectite clay, Mg-carbonate, and additional olivine that have all been detected from orbital remote sensing in the Jezero delta deposits.

The state of lithificaiton, mineralogy, and grain size distribution are likely variable throughout the Jezero deltas; JEZ-1 represents unconsolidated material, but can be compacted under various pressures to form a more cohesive solid.

Jars have a diameter of 1.3 inches and a height of 3 inches.

Exolith Lab is a not-for-profit organization that develops and produces Lunar, Martian, and asteroid regolith (soil) simulants. Exolith enables space exploration, science, and education by making high-fidelity regolith simulants available to researchers and students around the globe.

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