(LHS-1E) Engineering Grade Lunar Highlands Simulant

(LHS-1E) Engineering Grade Lunar Highlands Simulant

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LHS-1E is a simplified version of our Lunar Highlands Simulant that is geared toward bulk orders. This simulant is perfect for filling regolith bins, rover testing, and any usage with the priority of utilizing the geotechnical characteristics of Lunar Highlands regolith. It is geotechnically equivalent to our Lunar Highlands Simulant with minor chemical fidelity differences. There is no significant change to texture, color, or mechanical properties. 

This simulant is made more affordable due to a simplified mixture of minerals but is still over 99% identical to LHS-1!

For information on Mineralogy, bulk chemistry, and geotechnical properties, please see below:

Spec Sheet       SDS      Constituent Report

This simulant is ideal for large scale testing and geotechnical applications. The minimum quantity required for purchase at the listed discounted rate is 50kg. 

Note that bulk density is not an inherent property and depends on the level of compaction

 Spec Sheet Batch Code Date Range
Spec Sheet 001-09-001-0120
Before 06/2021
Spec Sheet 002-09-001-0621
Spec Sheet 003-09-001-0523
08/28/2023- Present


If you have any questions or would like to collaborate further, please feel free to reach out at exolithlab@ucf.edu

We love to see our simulants being used in educational settings and would love to post any pictures of our simulant in action! 

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