Lunar Simulant for Educators (LHS-1E)
Lunar Simulant for Educators (LHS-1E)
Lunar Simulant for Educators (LHS-1E)

Lunar Simulant for Educators (LHS-1E)

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Lunar Highlands Simulant for Educators (LHS-1E) is perfect for performing your own experiment, a classroom experiment growing plants, or for learning about lunar geology! LHS-1E will provide any educator a unique experience for their students as they hold simulated Moon Dirt while learning about it. 

Lunar Highlands Simulant for Educators is a simplified version of our Lunar Highlands Simulant that is made more affordable due to a simplified mixture of minerals but is still over 99% identical to LHS-1! There are no significant changes to the texture, color, or mechanical properties of LHS-1E. 

One of Exolith Lab’s purposes is spreading accessible education about space and LHS-1E is just one example of furthering this mission.

Spec Sheet       SDS  



This simulant is ideal for large scale testing and geotechnical applications. The minimum quantity required for purchase is 50kg


Component Wt.%
Anorthosite 75.0
Glass-rich basalt 25.0


Physical Properties

Mean Particle Size: 90 µm

Particle Size Range: <0.01 µm – 1000 µm

Bulk density*: 1.30 g/cm3

Grain Density: 2.75 g/cm3

Void Ratio: 1.11

Porosity: 52.7%

Angle of Repose (10g): 47.0°

Angle of Repose (250g): 39.6°

Note that bulk density is not an inherent property and depends on the level of compaction

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate further, please feel free to reach out at

We love to see our simulants being used in educational settings and would love to post any pictures of our simulant in action! 

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