DUST-Y Silicate Dust Simulant

DUST-Y Silicate Dust Simulant

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1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds

All Exolith Lab products are intended for research and STEM education purposes. By purchasing, you agree that the product will be used for research and STEM education purposes.

Developed By: University of Central Florida
Available From: CLASS Exolith Lab

The DUST-Y Silicate Dust Simulant has been developed by Exolith Lab. It is a high-fidelity particle size based silicate dust simulant. DUST-Y is a physical simulant and it was created primarily to assist in dust mitigation research and experimentation. 

Spec Sheet 

Bulk ChemistryWeight percent (XRF), subject to change.

Oxide Wt%
SiO2 48.05
TiO2 0.53
Al2O3 16.92
Cr2O3 0.12
FeOT 7.47
MnO 0.09
MgO 17.02
CaO 7.45
Na2O 1.51
K2O 0.73
SO3 0.1
Total 100


Physical Properties

Mean Particle Size: 7.9 µm